Neutral Earthing Resistors
Neutral Earthing Resistors supplied by us are the advanced and highly functional units. These are the reliable resistors, which are suited for several earthling applications. Also, these can make a limit to the current in transformers.
Speed Control Resistor
Speed Control Resistors allow for safe level of voltages and obviate the chances of overheating. Their use ensure less time in braking. Plus, these are known for their boosted equipment life as well as excellent operation. Offered system are useful for the controlled energy inputs.
Buffer Resistors
Buffer Resistors are effective for the low speed applications. Safety, efficiency and durability of these units are outstanding. These are the highly commendable units of extended durability and boosted service life. Supplied high-impedance solutions have power packed performance.
Load Bank
Buy from us a device called Load bank, apt for developing electrical load, applying that load to an electrical power source and then either converting or dissipating the resultant power output of the source. This device mimics the real load very well.
Isolation Panels
Isolation Panels are suitable for a variety of processing plants with fluctuating loads. These panels are very easy to install as well as simple to operate. These panels are tested under various parameters to ensure its excellent working and high performance. These panels are very effective and great to use. 

Indoor Isolators
Indoor Isolators are highly reliable switching devices that are designed to isolate electrical circuits from power sources during the repairing process to eliminate the risk of accidents due to large currents. There are many different types of these heavy-duty machines availed by our company at a reasonable price.
Motor Starting Resistor
Motor Starting Resistor panels are control devices that are commonly used in industrial applications to ensure the safe starting of large-sized electrical motors without the risk burning of windings. Get these high-performance electrical machines as per your requirements.
AC Resistive Load Bank
AC Resistive Load Bank devices are control units that are commonly used for testing generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and electrical distribution systems at variable AC loads. Buy from us these units in various sizes and power ratings.
LAVT and LA-SC-PT Panels
LAVT and LA-SC-PT Panels availed by our company are designed as per electrical engineering standards using top-quality components that are capable to withstand large electrical loads. These control units can deliver to our clients with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Grounding Panel

We are a big name that deals in the manufacturing and supplying of top-grade Grounding Panel that are designed and developed by our skilled professionals by using advanced technologies and heavy engineering materials that make them efficient and sturdy.

Switch Panels

National Resistors is a leading manufacturer of premium-class Switch Panels that are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Buyers can get these electrical units from our company at a reasonable price range.

LAVT Panel
LAVT panels are engineered to limit the starting torque as well as current in a variety of applications. They can control the ground fault current and are compatible to work with the grounded as well as solidly grounded systems.
Discharge Resistors
Discharge resistors are compact device that safely discharge voltage carrying devices, such as batteries and capacitors, especially at times of machine maintenance or electric vehicle operation. It is done to make sure that both, humans and equipment are out of risk.
Isolator LBS Panel
We are a renowned name that offers industrial-class Isolator LBS Panel controllers that can be various low to high-powered electrical systems for safety purposes during repair processes. Buy from us these heavy-duty panels in various sizes and power ratings as per your needs.

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